Franchise Checkup™

Every couple of years, you probably visit the doctor just to see if everything is ok. After all, you think you are doing fine, but sometimes it’s really nice to get another opinion.

That’s the idea behind the PSM Franchise Checkup™.

The Franchise Check-up is PSM’s proprietary process in which one or two of our consultants visit your ballpark and spend a couple of days looking for ways to help you maximize your operation. Just to see if everything’s ok.

We will analyze your operation from top to bottom. Everything from your sales force structure to your food and beverage operation. We’ll take a look at your media deals, your sponsorship strategy and your ticket pricing. We may even peek inside your box office to see if your ticket software is the most up-to-date system that is available.

When we’re done, we’ll send you back a detailed written report with specific areas you can focus on to improve your business. It’s as simple as that. If there are industry “best practices” out there that you don’t know about — you soon will after a Franchise Checkup™!

Hey — we may not be medical doctors, but when it comes to running baseball teams, we can diagnose almost any disease. And we can write a prescription to make it all better.

The Franchise checkup™. Call us today for an appointment. Say “aaaaaaaaah.”

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