Sales Maximization

Let’s face it; in Minor League Baseball, selling is what it’s all about. Whether it’s selling group tickets or naming rights deals, if your sales force isn’t doing its job, your franchise will suffer. And unlike 10 years ago when you could just hand your sales manager a phone book and a map and tell him (or her) to hit the street, today it’s a whole new ballgame. Whether you can only afford one saleperson or have 18, today's world of selling, done right can give you new revenue opportunities and simple management controls to yield immediate results.

Maybe you're still discounting your tickets. Why? We can show you proven ways to maintain or increase the value of your product.

At PSM, we specialize in real-world, cutting edge sophistication when it comes to optimizing your sales efforts. From our proprietary sales management software to our proven consultative sales strategies, we can help you maximize your sales force. Our services include:

  • Strategic analysis of your sales force
  • Customized sales training
  • Proprietary web-based CRM - contact management software
  • Development of proprietary sales tools and templates
  • Effective lead generation techniques
  • Proven road maps for selling all ticket types (groups, corporate tickets, sponsors, etc.)
  • Sales compensation plans

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