Retail Consulting Options

Retail Revolution


We provide a complete overhaul of your retail operation with a turnkey business plan for setting up a retail operation, including actual buy to budget, using ‘Open to Buy’ for recommended department percentages and projected sell-thru budgets and a complete set of long-term training procedures for any type of employee or turnover situation. This usually includes:

  • Understanding what your retail revenue goals should be and why
  • Knowing what merchandise to buy for where and when at the best price
  • Learning what the best merchandise mix is and determine ‘departments’ of products to sell for your size operation, market and stadium-type
  • Understanding the impact of merchandising and visual operations for a store or kiosk including recommended store schematics and fixtures/displays to meet your theme and budget
  • Maximizing your logo options with custom, in-house designs beyond primary, home & away, or vendor art
  • POS analysis/cash management/checks & balances options
  • Controling inventory to minimize theft
  • Optimizing your retail website with ‘keys to success’
  • Making and managing an initial buy for a season and teaching you our techniques
  • Providing our turnkey training resources


We do a quick audit and offer basic solutions
We analyze your look, provide ideas and hands-on training
We do the initial purchasing and provide all turnkey transition tools




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